Experience my fast,
Monday through Friday
way to…

  • shed excess fat
  • get rid of puffiness in your body and face
  • experience better sleep
  • improve your mood
  • massively clear up your skin
  • lose the bloat
  • enhance your intuition
  • reset your eating habits after months of excess
  • eradicate those winter pounds (that you still haven’t lost)

  • Mon-Fri detoxing means fast results
  • dump your body’s toxin load
  • sharpen your intellect
  • quicken your reflexes
  • regulate your eating
  • rev up your metabolism
  • get rid of toxin-related headaches
  • kickstart your health in a massive way
  • detox comfortably and conveniently using real food
  • detox the way you want

How are you feeling these days? I hope fantastic!

Hello, Gorgeous!

The holidays are over, 2014 is in full swing, summer is just weeks away, and you, my gorgeous friend, are ready for this to be the most attractive, healthy year of your life!

But unfortunately, you’re still bloated from the winter and spring holidays or the cold weather carb cravings that have overtaken you. Maybe you even gained a bit of weight. You feel sluggish from too much sugar and alcohol. Your face is puffy and there are bags under your eyes. You’re slow and foggy, your skin doesn’t look good, your eyes are dull and you’re not sleeping well. And even worse than that, are the cravings! Yep, you want a double latte and a muffin. Right this instant!!!

So….would it be cruel for me to ask you if you’re looking forward to this gorgeous gift of a new year?

Don’t despair. Taking on excess weight and puffiness during cold weather is a very common thing. After all, during the winter (and our crazy springs!), most people ingest countless pounds of sugar, alcohol, additives and other not-so-perfect ingredients that continue to affect your mood, your energy levels, your waistline, your skin, your looks, and your health. It is what it is. So stop beating yourself up.

Instead, why not do something to change all this now, shall we? Memorial Day has just passed and summer is days away…. let’s focus on the great things we can do for ourselves right this moment and get ourselves ready for the upcoming summer in a big, fun way.

Let’s jump into this summer with full-force enthusiasm! Let’s take 5 days this month to ditch the toxins, clean up our diet and our looks and feel energetic, lean and oh, so, sexy. Do that and you’ll be on your way to making this summer the summer that you stop hiding behind maxi skirts, long blouses, beach coverups and multiple layers and instead start having the time of your life.

Yay, you!

Let’s take 5 days to make this summer different!

You are ready for a quick detox! Let me show you how a fast-yet-powerful detox can help you have the healthy body of your dreams.

“Stephanie’s Detox was amazing. Whether it was via email, on Facebook, on the weekly calls, or personal calls and text messages, Stephanie made me feel incredible support and love. Having finished the detox, my body feels strong and powerful, and my skin is clear and glowing. The feeling of connectedness to my body is wonderful, and I’m excited to continue this green drink journey!Thanks Stephanie!”

Lauren Kelston


New York, NY


Dear Gorgeous One,

Can I ask you a question?

Did you bound out of bed, excited for the chance at another glorious day?

Did you love what you saw in the mirror: Flawless, glowing, blemish-free complexion? Clear, bright, light-filled eyes? Well behaved hair and nails? A body free of dimples and blemishes and puffiness and pouchiness?

Did you have a great time choosing today’s outfit—knowing your clothes not only fit you, but flattered your assets and played up your good looks?

If this is just the kind of morning that you have every day, you can stop reading! This letter isn’t for you. (And I hope this is the kind of morning you have, because nothing—nothing—beats looking and feeling your best. It is an unbelievably powerful, intoxicating feeling. )

For the rest of you, keep reading.

If you’re like a lot of people, your morning has nothing to do with energy or attractiveness. Perhaps you drag yourself out of bed (after hitting the snooze button one too many times), craving a jolt of caffeine to wake you up in a way Mother Nature just can’t for you.

Looking in the mirror each day, you see undereye circles, puffiness around the eyes and throughout the face, dark splotches, clogged pores, dry patches, dandruff, dry unmanageable hair….and more.

Getting dressed is a nightmare—most things don’t fit and the few pieces that do, make you look heavy around the middle, or accentuate the thighs you despise.

I don’t need to go on because I know exactly how you are feeling—I’ve felt that way before, too. Sluggish, fatigued, puffy, blotchy, bumpy, misshapen, uncomfortable and plain unattractive.

Oh, I blamed the bumps and bulges on age. On having children. On not having time to exercise. On stress. But when it came down to it, they had nothing to do with any of these things.

When it came down to it, my lack of energy and looks came down to toxins. I was loaded with them!

Where did they come from? The same place where yours come from! The air, the water, the products you use on your body, the medication you take, the beer and wine and cocktails you enjoy to relax, caffeine you rely on to wake you up, the chemicalized food you scarf down because it’s easy, and the gluten and dairy and sugary foods you eat without thinking because hey, they’re what you grew up with. And it’s what everyone else eats.

I’ll let you in on a secret: Not only can you get rid of them, you should: Nothing else you do will jumpstart your health and make you feel (and look!) amazing like getting rid of the toxins that have built up in your body. And there is one great way to do that. It’s called a detox.

Specifically, The 5-Day Detox, a quick nutritionist-supported program designed to jumpstart your weight loss, put you on the road to better eating, and get you clean, powerful and healthy in 7 days.

The 5-Day Detox is a full-support group program that allows you to party your way through physical transformation. I hope you’ll join us! Keep reading to find out more.

P.S. PLEASE READ: If you want a do-it-yourself, liquid only fast—and aren’t interested in learning the tips and tools you can use to keep yourself clean and healthy forever—The 7-Day Detox is not for you. Best buy a week’s supply of juice or get a book. This is a deeply transformational program that starts where you are and incorporates daily actions to get you clean and help you lose the bloat and excess holiday pounds.


5-Day Detox Party

New Year’s 21-Day Detox
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Take This Quiz: How To Know If A Detox Is For You

  1. Have you gained weight recently? Weight that you have been unable to lose?
  2. Are you puffy, bloated, soft anywhere in your body or face?
  3. Do you need caffeine to start your day? Or, do you rely on caffeine mid-day to maintain your productivity?
  4. Do you crave sweets? Crunchy, salty foods? Creamy foods? Alcohol? Tobacco? Caffeine? Do you consider yourself addicted to chips, cookies, chocolate, ice cream, pastries, bread, coffee, wine, and other health-sapping foods?
  5. Do you drag through your days?
  6. Has your mojo disappeared? (Or, worse, have you never had any mojo?)

  1. Are you living without passion? Without spark? Without enthusiasm?
  2. Do you have trouble winding down at night in order to get to bed?
  3. Do you suffer from brain fog? Do you wish you were sharper? More creative? More intuitive?
  4. Is it hard to get motivated to work? Or do you have trouble sustaining focus?
  5. Have you had candida or a series of virusal, fungal or bacterial infections in the last year or more that you don’t feel fully recovered from?
  6. Do you currently suffer from an eating disorder, emotional eating, an exercise disorder, or a distorted body image?
  7. Are you pregnant or do you have HIV, diabetes or hypoglycemia? Or are you recovering from a serious illness?

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions (and “no” to questions #12 and #13), detoxing could be just what you need to feel and look lighter, clearer, more glowing, with a massive increase in energy, intuition, creativity, and motivation.A short detox is a powerful way to jumpstart a committed weight loss program, improve the quality of your skin, improve digestive issues, discover food intolerances, improve mental acuity, feel lighter and more energetic, as well as eliminate addictions to sugary or carby food, caffeine, alcohol and other health-sapping foods.

What’s included in The 5-Day Detox?

I love detoxing!!! I love the fit, lithe, motivated, creative, lighter feeling I get after a gentle detox (nothing crazy—as you’ll learn, I am not an extremist). Not only is my mind clearer, my mood is more even, my weight is lower, my body is more toned and taut, my sleep is deeper, and I have so much energy I can easily plow through my writing work and private client sessions, with plenty of time left over for my three sons, and charity work.

I created The 5-Day Detox as a fast, foundational, simple, and incredibly powerful “all-levels” detox—perfect for resetting your health and weight after the decadent food and drink you may have enjoyed this winter nad spring. My goal is to get you “in and out” of a detox easily and fast, with measurable results.

Every step works in synergy with the step before and after it, to create massive results. You’ll jumpstart your weight loss, release

fat and flush toxins (which can cause everything from brain fog, lessened creativity, moodiness, puffiness and bloat, cravings, skin glitches, and fatigue).

My clients are a mix of busy high impact solopreneurs, entertainers and business types. They need a detox that is not only going to work—and work well—but work without the headaches, jitters or digestive issues that can chain people to their homes (and bathrooms). The 5-Day Detox is designed to effectively, thoroughly, and elegantly help you rid yourself of the toxic load that is keeping you from the powerful, vibrant, healthy, high-energy life you deserve.

The 5-Day Detox This is where I give you my full attention. Working in a group is not only motivating, it is amazing fun. Hence, our virtual group version of 5-Day Detox Party, designed to deliver the same powerful detox experience in the convenience of your own home and office. As a member of the 5-Day Detox Party group program, you’ll enjoy the following:

  • You’ll be getting a short, fun “Detox To-Do” assignment every single day.
  • A goal-setting sheet and personal pledge handout.
  • We’ll deliver any hand-outs, audios and homework to you via our5-Day Detox online classroom to ensure you get the materials you need.
  • Menus and shopping lists so you can detox in an easy, doable way.
  • An e-book of recipes to ensure you always have healthy, delicious food to enjoy.
  • Eating-out, travel and entertaining strategies to ensure you can successfully detox no matter where you are, what your schedule is.
  • Answers to every single detox question that you may have—and even those you don’t have.
  • Detox strategies to ensure you sail through any situation life throws at you, detox in tact
  • Look for handouts, audios, videos, resources and gifts assignments sent directly to you.
  • Jump onto the group page to check in with your fellow 7-Day Detox Partiers. You’ll have daily opportunities to interact with Stephanie and just to party together.
  • A daily 15-minute education call give you the information you need to detox in an easy, doable way. (It will be recorded for those of you can’t jump on the phone live.)
  • Healthy-living resources and personal gift assignments sent directly to you via our 7-Day Detox online classroom.
  • An outrageously active community, plus an active classroom hangout where you can go to chat about your detox experiences, hang out with me daily, ask me questions directly, share recipes and products and aha’s, and get the full support of me and your fellow detoxers.
  • As soon as you register you can go straight to the group page, where there will be some fun pre-program exercises, handouts and audios for you to sink your enthusiasm into.


5-Day Detox Party

New Year’s 21-Day Detox
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“Stephanie brings a whole new dimension to the world of detoxing with menus, recipes and tips that keep your body, soul and mind focused and having fun (yes, I did say FUN). Best of all is her incredible knowledge, support, humour and inspiration over on the Facebook group page, which really was like having your own personal coach/best friend cheering you on, even when you may have strayed off the path and eaten something you were planning to avoid. No guilt trips (hoorah!) just more encouragement to get you back on track and find out what caused the blip in the first place so as to help you avoid going off track again.I’ve lost weight, feel great and have suddenly discovered my hidden assertiveness gene and somehow I think those green smoothies are going to become a regular part of my life moving forward. I cannot thank Stephanie enough for creating the best detox ever!”

Ann Brosnan

Life Coach


Hollybourne, England


Q’s About The 5-Day Detox

I am so excited to not only support you as you detox your body, emotions and life—but go through The 5-Day Detox with you! I adore being in the thick of it with everyone!

That said, if you’re new to detoxing—or new to me—I bet you have a few questions. Here, I’ve answered some of the most common questions for you:

Q. Can’t I just go to the health food store and buy a boxed cleanse? Or buy a bunch of pressed juice from a juice press?

A. Sure you could! However, if you want to detox your body safely, easily, with no jitters or digestive upsets, and with tons of fun (who ever thought detoxing could be so fun?), you may want to jump into The 5-Day Detox with us. Designed as a “soup-to-nuts” detox, The 5-Day Detox is based on common sense. We start slowly, gradually removing toxins from our diets while adding in foods that will speed up that all-important detox process.

We also don’t stop with the body. What’s the use of cleaning out your insides, if your emotions, thinking, even your environment, is still overloaded with crap? After years of doing this with private clients, I’ve learned that it is essential to cleanse your mindset, schedule, office, home—really everything you come in physical or emotional contact with. If you don’t, you’ll go right back to the caffeine, the Doritos, the Ben & Jerry’s or whatever else it is that you run to for comfort when life gets overwhelming. (In other words, detoxing helps reduce overwhelm in our bodies, our environments and our lives.)

Q. Are we going to be drinking juice for 5 days?

A. NO!!!! You will be eating in a lighter, more raw, more alkaline, less toxic, less chemicalized, more detoxifying way for 5 days. There is an optional 2-Day vegetable juice fast within the 5-Day Detox if you’d like to give one or both a try, but you’ll get powerful detoxing, fat-releasing, and all the other great benefits without the juice fast component.

Q. So how does this group thing work?

A. This is a 7-day journey, and I’m here to support you every step of the way. For a lot of us, detoxing can be lonely done alone. Who wants to be the lone ranger in a life filled with people doing just the things you are trying to avoid doing? Having a community to play in helps reinforce what you’re doing, gives you tons of like-minded people to be friends with, and makes this outrageously fun! (And I truly believe that whomever is having the most fun in life, wins!) Plus, I am part of the group, so you get complete access to me. Something that makes detoxing a deeply transformational experience.

Q. I’m curious: Are you are really going to detox with us?

A. Yes!! I absolutely love this program and I love being in the thick of things with my clients. I already eat very cleanly, but every time I do this program I come away with big changes in my physical health, as well as my creativity, energy levels, and outlook. Good things always happen for me when I detox.

Q. Are you going to ask me to get a colonic?

A. No! And I won’t be asking you to give yourself enemas, either. I know, I know­—lots of detox gurus swear by them….but I am not one of them. End of story. There are plenty of things we’ll be doing to cleanse your body from the inside out (as well as cleaning up your life)—but, if you are really hankering for a colonic or enema, be my guest. The High Impact Health team can help you with resources so you can do that safely.

Q. I work in an office. Will I be able to do this?

A. Yes! And pretty easily. We’ve designed our program to give you maximum energy during the day, so you can function in a powerful way during the day. Few of us have the luxury of taking three weeks off just because we’re detoxing.

Q. Does a blender come with the program?

A. Nope—you’ll have to have your own blender or juicer. We’ll also give you a shopping list of easily-found ingredients to pick up so you’ll be completely ready for your 5-Day Detox experience!

Q. What if I still have questions?

A. If you still have questions, you can ask Stephanie directly. Just shoot an email to highimpacthealth@gmail.com, and we’ll connect!

A special note about disordered eating/who should not do a cleanse

Detox programs are not solely about losing weight. A detox program’s main focus is releasing toxins, refilling your energy stores, and resetting on your body’s health. Do this and yes, you absolutely will drop pounds!

Unfortunately, detoxes (or cleanses or fasts or whatever else you want to call them), often attract people whose sole goal is to lose large amounts of weight fast. Or who have an emotional attachment to deprivation. Or who are frightened to consume calories. Or who have a disordered relationship with food.

I feel that the above people are best served not by a detox but by a highly-structured, therapeutic intervention program. Further, a detox program can greatly exacerbate emotional and disordered eating.

Thus, The 5-Day Detox is not a program for anyone who suffers from emotional or disordered eating or those attracted to calorie deprivation. Should you be one of these people, we do love you and want the healthiest, happiest, biggest life for you possible. If you cannot find the support you need, you are so welcome to reach out to us and we will help you find a professional or program that can help you heal.

Further, if following directions is difficult for you, this may not be the program for you. Why? I have been detoxing myself, my family and my clients for years. In fact, I am known for my detoxes. I cannot guarantee you’ll enjoy the complete results I want for you if you don’t dive in and commit to doing the (very fun, not super-difficult) work. Do the same thing you’ve always done, and you’ll get the same thing you’ve always got. Do something different, get something different. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

Start as soon as you’d like! Available immediately after you register!

About Stephanie:

My name is Stephanie Pedersen. I am nutritionist and a certified holistic health counselor. I am also an author. (My latest book is KALE: The Complete Guide to the World’s Most Powerful Superfood, published by Sterling Press.) I created HighImpactHealth as a space for dynamic individuals to get the body they want and the energy they need, so they can have the success they deserve.

I have seen that when individuals work to lose weight, get fit and overcome their health challenges, they increase their magnetism. In other words once you change your health, you change your looks and—as if by magic—your career, your relationships…in short, your entire life!

I started my career as a health writer, so wellness is a topic I have always loved. When my first son was born in January 2002, however, my view of wellness completely changed. Pregnant with him during the 9/11 Trade Tower attacks, I was exposed to a massive amount of toxins. I passed these on to my son, who was born with off-the-charts heavy metal poisoning. Using clinical nutrition, holistic and naturopathic healing modalities–with a lot of help from talented energy and body workers–my son is now vibrantly healthy.

Unfortunately, my own toxic exposure, plus nine difficult years spent treating my gorgeous son, took a toll on my own health and I was diagnosed with high metal toxicity and adrenal gland failure. What I noticed during this time is the sicker I got, the more unattractive I felt–and looked. I felt shriveled, invisible, worn out, used up, and yes, downright unappealing. My skin was mottled, creased and dull.

I had zero energy. I just couldn’t seem to lose weight. My hair had no lustre. My eyes were dead. And my career suffered—I didn’t have the energy to keep up with the workload, nor did I feel confident enough to get out into the world and do what was necessary to make my career a success.

Depressed and desperate for a solution, I returned to school to study hard-core nutrition, as well as healing modalities and whole foods cooking. One of the happiest days of my life (right up there with my marriage, and the birth of each of my three sons) was when I became a certified holistic health counselor (CHHC), certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Once I began applying principles I had learned in my studies, I healed. As I became healthier, people began commenting on my attractive skin, my pretty eyes, my lustrous hair, my trim figure. I finally let go of my “safety weight” and I felt (and looked) so vibrant that people began paying attention to me, listening to me, saying yes to me. The Universe even jumped in and began granting my outrageous requests.

After years of being depressed and invisible, my life was finally fun! I felt so energetic and so comfortable with my self, my body and my looks, that I was able to dive into my work, my life, and my pleasure. I can do the same thing for you!

Stephanie’s Testimonials

“I loved Stephanie’s detox. It was the perfect mix of great information, inspiration and support. I learned lots, I was inspired, and I felt very supported by Stephanie. She made it clear that wherever we were at and how we each did this detox was perfect. I received lots of great suggestions to handle my own challenging times…..such as nibbling after dinner and being out and about. Stephanie made this really easy and in addition to dropping some pounds, my body feels like it’s been decluttered. Plus, I have new tools to help me make good choices.If you’re feeling bogged down or off track with your eating, I highly recommend working with Stephanie…. and bring all your questions – she’s a font of amazing information.”

Vicky White

Inner Feng Shui Coach and Pathfinder for Women on the Edge of ReInvention


Vancouver, British Columbia

“Hi Stephanie. This has been an amazing experience. I found this to be a wonderful detox and was able to accomplish my main goals—which were to break my dessert/sugar addiction (I was literally eating dessert after EVERY meal—a bad habit from pregnancy!) as well as clean up my eating habits overall. While adjusting to life with baby I had taken to eating whatever was easy and fast and losing sight of healthy eating. Your detox has show me that, with a little advance planning, it is easier to make sure I am taking care of myself!”

Deepa Koita

Financial Advisor

New York, NY


“I’m on a 6:00 am train to Washington D.C., armed with a green smoothie with chia, hard cooked eggs, nuts, and water. In the past it would have been chocolate milk, bagel and cream cheese and a small bag of crunch Cheetos. Now, the thought makes me feel icky. Stephanie Pedersen, you have changed me for the better. Thank you!!!!!”

Rena Delevie

Financial Advisor

New York, NY


“I’ve been doing a detox for the past 3 weeks with my lovely wife Susan, guided by my dear nutritionist Stephanie Pedersen, and a slew of amazing other detoxers. In these 3 weeks, I’ve felt more energized, more connected to Source (God, Spirit, Universe, what have you), I have released 14lbs of crud in my body, have released even more of the crud that was clouding up my life (clutter, money drains, energy drains, etc).I am SO PROUD of myself, my wife, and my detox group for all of this hard work. (Well, to be honest, eating great tasting, wonderfully clean food until you are full isn’t all that hard!)I URGE you to take a look at how you feel right, now, if it’s not amazing and brilliant, talk to Stephanie. (If your life already IS amazing and brilliant, carry on :o)

Jennifer L. Daily, LSCW

Therapist and Parenting Coach

Jennifer Daily Counseling


New York, New York


“What a great experience this has been!!!! Thank you Stephanie for making me a believer—a believer because never, in a million years, did I think I would be able to do a detox successfully. Almost 21 days later and I have done it! I brag that I have done it!!! I brag that I have lost 10 lbs, which now has given me the motivation to stay on track as far as my weight is concerned. I brag that my skin looks fantastic, I brag that I feel wonderful, and I brag that I, too, have declutterd. Had never heard of a detox program that could accomplish so much!!! Thanks to Stephanie and thank you all for making this so much fun!!”

Lily M. Lopez

Business Consultant

New York, NY


“I brag that I’ve become a convert to green drinks, make a chia “pudding” with hazelnut milk and dried orange rind, do body and tongue brushing each morning, have added an extra workout DVD to my morning ritual, and I’ve been cleaning my house like crazy today! I plan on reviewing the info on personal hygiene products and household cleaning products and will begin replacing my old products. I have been doing at least 15 minutes a day of decluttering. WooHoo! AND I’ve lost 11 pounds!!!! I’ve replaced my black tea with sugar and half-and-half, with ginger tea and detox tea. I feel amazing!”

Paula Liscio

Opera Singer and Vocal Coach

New York, NY


“Thank you Stephanie Pedersen, and the entire Detox group, for such a wonderful detox experience. I feel amazing! I am down 10lbs, my skin is luminescent, my cellulite has been significantly reduced, my moods are more even, my body feels more fluid, my joints crack less, I am full of energy and I feel like I got my ‘self’ back. I cant wait to do the next one : )))”

Laura Ann Conroy

Licensed Massage Therapist and Spa Educator

New York, NY


I used to believe that life is something that happens to you and that it is your job to handle what happens as calmly as you can. I now know that life is my movie to star in however I want. Stephanie held a vision of my success when I couldn’t see success for myself. This was an outrageously powerful experience. Stephanie is tough. She expects a lot from me and she alternately holds my hand and pushes me to make sure I succeed. I would not have the extreme physical and emotional health, the relationship, the job, or the self-love I now enjoy without her support.”

Monica Perez

Graduate Student, Film Studies, NYU

New York, NY


“My experience with Stephanie Pedersen’s Detox was amazing. I started out with a reluctance to detoxing because I knew it was going to mean giving up certain things which I really didn’t want to give up, i.e. Diet Coke and processed foods. I had tried on my own to clean up my diet, but I honestly couldn’t stand the withdrawal and cravings so I would throw in the towel and return to my chemical-laden diet.I am happy to report that after only one attempt to drink a Diet Coke on my third day into the program. I have had absolutely no cravings. In fact that Diet Coke on the third day was thrown away ¾ full, because my tastebuds had already began to shift and it tasted “off “to me.Working with Stephanie was extremely pleasurable. Her support, intuition and cheerleading were the missing link in my being able to eat healthy. The food choices she suggested and menus were carefully balanced. I had no negative physical reactions to changing my foods. I believe this is because my body was finally getting the nutrition it was craving. When I did fall off the “wagon,” her encouragement and reassurance were key elements in me not throwing in the towel.I enjoyed the community she built around those of us participating in her program. It was refreshing and fun to have others to compare notes with and offer support. Reading about another person’s triumphs helped motivate me to try harder. I know for certain if I had attempted to do this on my own I would have failed. Stephanie’s savvy in-depth knowledge of nutrition and her compassionate caretaking of each person in her program, is a winning combination and made it possible for me to succeed.My stomach felt flatter and more defined and my clothes are hanging loser on my frame. These were unexpected pleasant benefits, I hadn’t even considered when joining.My primary focus was that of cleaner eating. Accomplished! My diet has significantly changed. I now find myself being more thoughtful as to the choices of foods I make. I even surprise myself, as I find my attention and cravings leaning towards more green vegetables.I adored working with Stephanie and highly recommend her services and program. I don’t know where else you are going to find such a dynamic of skills and wisdom. Stephanie’s unique blend of generosity, compassion, sense of fun, insight and incredible knowledge of nutrition and people are a gift.”

Paula Jessop

Soul Alchemist


New York, NY


“As I get older I have gained an increasing awareness that affirmatively taking good care of my body and health is an important act of survival and self love. It makes sense to begin with detoxing. cleaning your vessel, as a preparation for the good stuff you plan to put in it. I was therefore thrilled to be given the opportunity to participate in Stephanie Pedersen’s Detox program.What a wonderful program Stephanie’s detox method proved to be. I expected sacrifice, I was wrong. I expected starvation, I was wrong. I expected condemnation, shame and guilt for my past food choices and habits, I was wrong. This was painless, gentle, seamless, supportive and fun. Yes fun! Stephanie is such an expert, a marvelous resource for nutritional and health information. Most importantly, this is not just a 21-Day program and then back to your old life. I finished this program with the tools and information necessary to begin a life long commitment to good health. My food choices have changed. My taste buds have changed I am inspired to continue the fundamentals of this program as a life style. Stephanie has developed a program that I would highly recommend to everyone.”

Epiphany Hoskins

South Beach, Florida


“When I signed up for the Detox program with Stephanie Pedersen I thought it would be a good way to clean out my diet and deal with ongoing food cravings which seemed to always have the upper hand. Having tried various programs and approaches and diets in the past, I was willing to try this, too. Working with Stephanie was extremely gentle. She eased us into a comprehensive program so gradually, that it really did not seem difficult. Her approach to green drinks alone has been absolutely life changing for me and I will never eat completely the way I did before her program ever again!The group of us shared a private facebook page where we could ask questions, make comments, and check in on how each other was doing. Stephanie was responsive to every comment as she’s a tremendous resource with a wealth of information, and an encouraging cheerleader. She genuinely wants us all to succeed! There were weekly coaching calls where we would ask questions and discuss things, learn from each other and get the benefit of working together as a group. Lastly, in addition to detoxing our diets and our bodies we were also gently guided toward detoxing many other aspects of our lives. With each new layer that was introduced I found myself saying, “Huh?” and yet the pieces fit together seamlessly, as our lives are never one-dimensional, and neither is her approach. This was such an unexpected bonus.I’ve revamped my diet, lost weight, learned so many wonderful ways to eat that are satisfying and delicious, my skin is glowing, and my life is improved in a myriad of ways that I could not have imagined when I began. This was an amazing journey and working with gentle Stephanie was an absolute treat! I recommend her to anyone!”


Brooklyn, NY


Stephanie is a fantastic listener and communicator. Her enthusiasm, encouragement and knowledge of health and wellness are unsurpassed.I decided to participate in her Detox program, quite frankly because while I am happy with my weight and exercise very regularly, I eat way too much ice-cream and chocolate. Further, I have Multiple Sclerosis and my symptoms are often triggered by wheat/gluten, caffeine, alcohol and sugar. Despite my determination to take great care of myself and eat the right foods to nourish my body, avoiding sugar in particular, has always been a battle for me. The Detox gave me the tools to move forward armed with knowledge to make choices that make my body feel energized, cleaner and lighter and keep my mind sharp and focused. I am human however, and know I will fall off the wagon again and again, but after this powerful experience with Stephanie I know exactly what I need to do to get back on track. ”

Jill Watson

New Jersey


“I am so grateful that signed up for this detox. It went above and beyond what a traditional detox might do: Stephanie addressed all aspects of our lives—physical, yes, but also spiritual and emotional. I was really blown away by the non-physical changes. Plus, I lost 5 pounds on the detox, and I gained clarity and a deeper connection to my emotions. Thank you so much, Stephanie!”

Charley Stewart

New York, NY


The Last Word:

I understand that while this is a Nutritionist-approved cleanse, it is not medically supervised. Stephanie’s support does NOT include medical advice. I know that it’s my responsibility to check with my doctor if I have any concerns or questions about whether cleansing is medically appropriate for me.

I also understand that this is a supported cleanse & cleanse training program and that food, a juicer or blender and other related cleansing items are not included.

Finally, I understand that my cleansing experience is my own and may differ from those of Stephanie and other participants. I acknowledge that nothing is guaranteed, including weight loss, relief of physical or emotional symptoms and this program is not meant to diagnose or cure any problem.

By registering for this program, I also assert that I do not have an eating or exercise disorder.


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